Moby - 7 inch sellout

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Добавено от: Salvatore на 17 Август 2015г.
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Оригинален текст

We used to hang out at anthrax together
You weren`t cool, just another loser
We did tapes, and maybe a t-shirt
But that wasn`t good enough for you

7 inch sellout! 7 inch sellout!
7 inch sellout! 7 inch sellout!
7 inch sellout! 7 inch sellout!
Big man on vynal!

We played shows, and listened to necros
Slammin` and skanin`, anything goes
We had fun, you said you`d never change
You sold us out on yer search for fame
Those days were gone, there`s no turning back
All the pressure, you said you`d never crack
Now you`ve found all yer stupid new friends
And you stabbed us in the fucking back

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