Gangstarr - Positivity

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"now let`s get off this negative tip, and go positive" --> chubb rock
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

Now is the chance to advance and get an outlook
Create the circumstance, because I doubt books
Can relay, words this way, so I`ll portray
A new image, and let`s begin as
Members who pledge to, look up ahead to
A beautiful world, though we`ve been led to
Believe it will not be and, we still are seein
Agreein there`ll be peace, the wealth will increase
And we`ll prosper, you know like flourishin
The rhyme I toss ya, it will be nourisihin
Cause I must bring, ideals for better living see
Because I do believe in positivity

"positive but never negative"
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

Weak is the clown, much weaker is the fool
I`ll overrule to duel and to school
For reasons that are so deep, I don`t need no cheap
People to identify, I`ll just say hi and bye
Since I`m an optimist, I`ll turn and walk with this
Tape playing loudly, inside my headphones
Mc`s that crowd me, turn into headstones
Because I don`t have time for, powerless minds or
Suckers who suck, because I find more
Interesting topics, you can not stop it
I drop it and rock it I shock it, that`s how I`m livin b
I have to live my life with positivity

"positive but never negative"

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