Cardigans - 03.45: no sleep - ТЕКСТ

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"Cardigans - 03.45: no sleep "

It`s way too late to think of
Someone I would call now
And neon signs got tired
Red eye flights help the stars out
I`m safe in a corner
Just hours before me

I`m waking with the roaches
The world has surrendered
I`m dating ancient ghosts
The ones I made friends with
The comfort of fireflies
Long gone before daylight

And if I had one wishful field tonight
I`d ask for the sun to never rise
If God lent his voice to me to speak
I`d say, go to bed, world

I`ve always been too late
To see what`s before me
And I know nothing sweeter than
Champagne from last new years
Sweet music in my ears
But a night full of no fears

But if I had one wishful field tonight
I`d ask for the sun to never rise
If God passed the mic to me to speak
I`d say, stay in bed, world, sleep in peace

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