Phish - Dog Faced Boy

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Добавено от: Salvatore на 16 Август 2015г.
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Оригинален текст

I can`t spare a moment for the dog faced boy
I won`t lend another hand to theworm girl of Hanoi
Don`t deplete my oxygen for the guy who`s turning blue
But ask me, and I`ll do anything for you

Whenever I think of you it only makes me feel sad
Whenever I think of you, the best friend I ever had
Before I gave it up all for nothing
Well, I lied and I cheated

And it made me feel bad
It made me feel guilty for not being true
Oh the months I spend trying for a way to explain
In the end all I could do as turn my head in shame
Whenever I think of you it only makes me feel sad
Because you deserve better and once I was it
But somehow my good intentions just got up and git

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