Prince - 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton

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Serve it up, Frankie

This is girl, did you know
Precisely what I let Robert
I intend to
Do, honey. cut my hair this
Look it, morning?
Oh, girl,
Where`d you get
Those shoes? He looked so bad!
These are I`m so tired.
Fuck-me pumps. He`s great!
Who, Robert? Is this full enough?
I know that`s
Right, honey Frankie, I just Maurice, man go on up there
Want an apology and say somethin`
Maurice, what or you can kiss
Can I serve you? my supernatural ass Frankie, play
Squirrel Meat! something, bitch
Don`t try it!

Cat, what`s happenin` babe? Bitch, will you play something?
Get outta my face!
Honey, it`s not that type of party (talk to me, talk to me)
Whatchoo mean? answer to life
Honey, you see these pumps? Answer honey, [you ain`t gonna quit]
I want to, I want to, I want you Bitch!
To meet some friends of mine Who you callin` bitch? Ho bitch!
Who? Who you callin` "Ho bitch,"?
No no, you`ll like them, Black ho bitch! (Why don`t you play)
(something shit)
They`re, they`re musicians

To Nigs United for West Compton!

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