Prince - 2 Whom It May Concern

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Ha ha ha ha....
(Here we go) {repeated throughout song}
2 whomever it may concern
You must come 2 your senses
There are no kings on this earth, only princes
(My name is Prince and I am funky) {My Name Is Prince sample}
The New Power Generation just taking control
(Yeah, you sexy mutha...) {Sexy M.F. sample}
Introducing Mayte (Hello darling, so where`re we gonna go?)
Tony M., Kirky J. and Damon D.
(I wanna be loved 2 the 9`s, 2 the 9`s) {Love 2 The 9`s sample}
Sonny T., tell us where the party be
(The Max) Yes {The Max sample}
(The Max) Yes
Tommy Barbarella likes it in the dark but we like a (Blue light) {x2}
{Blue Light sample}
And she don`t stop (Ahh)
(I got 7 hours baby, so what you wanna do?) (Ooh) {I Wanna Melt With you sample}
And she don`t stop (Ahh ooh)
Levi, Michael B. and me
We get funky
(Continental) {x3} {The Continental sample}
Damn the DJ
(Damn U) {Damn you sample}
What`s the name of this game?
(Pimp rag, Toostie Pop and a cane) Oww uh {Arrogance sample}
And she don`t stop
(God created woman) {And God Created Woman sample}
Temptation sweet and so much
I`d surely die if my baby won`t let me touch
Neither one of us shall ye touch
Don`t touch that radio {x2}
Don`t touch that...
All 7 and we`ll watch them learn {7 sample}
And if you try 2 stop us we will burn (...{4e}ver!) {3 Chains O`Gold sample}
We will, we will burn (...ver!)
If you try 2 stop us we will burn (...v-v-ver!)
We will, we will burn (...ver!)
(What is sacrifice?) {x2} (Preach) {The Sacrifice Of Victor sample}
Hold your text deacon
(We sacrifice)
Hold your text deacon
(We sacrifice)
(We, we, we sacrifice)
(We sacrifice)
Can`t nobody stop
If they step they drop
The funky new album entitled: O(+>
From Prince and the New Power Generation ({Vic}tor) (Ooh wee!)
On Paisley Park Warner Brothers CD and cassette
We out

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