Prince - 9 Lives

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9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 lives

This is the 90`s and I need a lover with (9 lives)
With my bad self
(If I really) {sample repeats in song}
I.. I.. I.. I...
(9 lives)
Sing Stella

If I really had 9 lives
I`d want a lover that controlled my mind
Someone who knows about the heavenly sin
How 2 kill with love again, again and again

When she calls me on the phone
She`ll ask if I`m alone
Standin` at my door lookin` mega-fine
Heck-a-pump body sayin` good time
When all the others talk plenty of jive
My lover talks about 9 lives
The first 2 promise I`ll die from the heat
Generated from the moment that our eyes meet

(With my bad self)

Life number 3 and number 4
Are spent makin` love on the magic floor
It`s got no walls so all can see
The way real love is supposed 2 be
Don`t be ashamed, my lover said
Then she says "Mmm, I betcha I`m mega-jammin`"
Life number 5, 6 and 7
Need U ask, go like heaven

(With my bad self)
(Control me)

With my bad self

If I really had 9 lives
I`d want a lover that controlled my mind

2 kill with love, we`d never die
We`d never long 4, we`d never cry
If we live 4 havin` each other`s touch
It`s never 2 little, it`s never 2 much

With my bad self
With my, with my bad self

If I really had, if I really had, if I really had 9 lives

This is the 90`s
And everybody wants a lover
A life-long lover with 9 lives

(9 lives)
This is the 90`s

(CHORUS) {repeat in BG}
Sing Stella

Call me up on the phone
I`ll be here all alone
I`ll be waitin` on U, baby
I`ll be waitin` on U and your 9 lives!


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