Black Eyed Peas - Don't Bring Me Down

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Ah-ah-aah-ah [x4]

Hey, watz up
We back up in the cut
Beat it up into submission
We don't need no permission
Black Eyed Peas tha coalition
Everybody go and listen
We're going on a mission
Giving you what you've been missing

So scream, and shout,
You gotta let it out
The energy will never die
I can see it in a crowd
Get your engine up,
Get your engine up
And wave your hands high
Like your tryin' touch a sky

Don't bring me down (Just pick me up)
Don't bring me down (Just pick me up-up)
Don't bring me down (Just pick me up)
Don't bring me down

Ah-ah-aah-ah [x4]

Hey, hot dam,
We back up in the jam
Gotta drop it like slam
We rock it cause we can
Lets scream (Lets scream),
And shout (And shout)
Lets turn us of the out
Yeh, we burning down the house
Don't know what we all about

The energetic
Soul magnetic
My poetic
You connect
Cause I'm connetic
This is real
It ain't cosmetic
We are feeling
Not synthetic
When I sin,
Did you walk in it?
It's so slim
It can't forget it

I know you loving the sound
Don't bring me down (Just pick me up)
Don't bring me down (Just pick me up-up)
Don't bring me down (Just pick me up)
Don't bring me down

Ah-ah-aah-ah [x4]

Don't let me, don't let me figure
Go home and bring me down
Feel the esculator
Move up to higher ground [x5]

Don't let the elevator bring you down [x3]
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