Machine Gun Kelly - HER SONG

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Oh these times hard, yeah they're making us crazy, Don't give up on me baby
Oh these times hard, yeah they're making us crazy, Don't give up on me baby

I'm just out here chasing my dreams girl, But it's crazy cause that dream cost me my dream girl
Promise you I wouldn't change before I left, now I think leaving is the one thing I regret
Cause the one thing I possess, it wasn't materials, wasn't checks, wasn't cars, wasn't clothes, or any part of success
It was you, and without that in my life I'm depressed, you became the new drug I couldn't get
And every time you came over I was on some shit, either too fucked up, or bitching, don't remember how you dress
Even though I remember when you would lay with me when I ain't have a bed, buy me food and come wake me up with some head
You had me like a Dread locked down, but I wouldn't show it, instead got on that bus and left you blowing in the wind
Shit and it's fucked up cause every girl I'm with I see your face, now summers here and I'm sitting outside your place singing this shit

Oh these times hard, yeah they're making us crazy, Don't give up on me baby
Oh these times hard, yeah they're making us crazy, Don't give up on me baby

I never thought for a minute, if you showed me a picture of my life now, that you wouldn't be in it
Took me a couple years to say I loved you, but I meant it when I said it, wasn't much of a romantic, but you get it
Didn't really smoke, but when I rolled it up you hit it, and we lit it up, shotgun in our kisses
And fuck these other bitches baby, fuck these other bitches in my bunk
Staring up at all your pictures that you sent me on my birthday, remember that? cause I couldn't forget it
Like I forgot yours, but I'm sorry and I said it, I admit, I fucked up, and I lied, but this is true
I don't know what home is because I'm lost without you, just like our favorite song, yeah blink 182
Now I just turn it off, when it comes on, I wish I hated you
I used to have someone at 3am that I could call, now it just rings and I don't get nothing at all
Where you at girl?

[Phone Call]
[(Phone Rings) Kells:] Come on pick up....Yeah hold on give me a minute
[Operator:] "Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system"
[Girl:] Hi, Uhm, I'm not here right now, Please leave a message [Beep]
[Kells:] Damn..
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