Snoop dogg - Protocol

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Watch your mouth never speak on what you not know
I`m from the west coast I turn his face into a pothole
15 deep niggas creepin` in the Tahoe
Let`s see you act macho when I pull the burner on ya
Sideways like a taco
Rap niggas we all talk like a Raldo
Trunk full of cargo
Dry like Barstow
Arsenal run up on `em
Get up on `em
Drill `em with the clips
Niggas gon` respect mine
I run this whole shit
Crip rag in my pocket
Three eighty on my hip
But back to this hip hop
Who next on the list
Gangstas don`t kiss we get old and die rich
I smoke till I`m sleep
Crush these niggas with my fist
Your daddy was a coward you`s a son of a bitch
So back to the glock with the infra-blue clip
We hit licks and gang bang
You on some T-Pain shit
Chop the pop and 20 crip
Watch the flames hit his whip
Then I`m back to the block shit
Rock shit, hot shit
Hit `em in the chest
Doggy run up in his pockets
Misrepresenting sock him in his eye socket
I sat back and let you little niggas make your profits
Nonsense, I`m watching, hoes out of pocket
You heard what they say
Don`t block it till you knock it
You stole my whole style
I`m `bout to take you fools hostage
Brrrah, bhrrrrah
From the looks to the hooks
I`m looking at these new niggas flippin` through my book

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