Snoop dogg - Gang bang 4 real

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Yeah, (yea yea) uhh, yeah
Fred Wreck in this motherfucker
Yeah Tha Eastsidaz
Back once again to drop that Crip Hop shit

[Chorus - Tray Deee]
We gets payed to steal, gang bang for real
Slang thangs at will, known to blaze the steel
Niggas ain`t for real, cats who claim to peel
Say you game to kill, but I don`t think you will

[Tray Deee]
Little Goldie Loc, these niggas hoes to me
Lemme tell these motherfuckers how it`s `sposed to be
See crime merrily and better see ya rep to death
Squeeze ya enemies until they can`t catch they breath
Don`t sleep, tote heat, seven days a week
Whether to work or to church, snow, rain, or sleet
And don`t bang with weak - motherfuckers who ain`t wit it
Ain`t no snitchin, take the deal and get convicted, stay commited
This mission is a vision to control the globe
Leavin scents where we step back and hold our own
Hold that zone, it won`t be long, we keep it pushin
Livin on the edge and ain`t lookin for no cushion
It`s all in the hardcore game of death
`cause you can`t change ya steps, once you have claimed the set
Ain`t no tattoo removal, fool, bang ya block
Or you could shake the spot, `cause now your face is hot
All that goin outta town, tryin to set up shop
And you ain`t win up nothin buster, better check yo` props
Keep the sag hangin, rag swangin, gangsta walk
Leave opponents hood smokin, with the tape the chalk
Young homies to the G`s stay swollen with cheese
Insane to the brain, rollin twenty`s on D`s
Throwin C`s up, ease up, or get rubbed out
`cause my whole squad hot and we stay thugged out

[Chorus - Tray Deee]

[Goldie Loc]
Tray Deee, O.G., these niggas holdin me
Lemme show these motherfuckers how it`s sposed to be
Mama, they got me in the shell again
But this time I think I`m headed for the state pen
I got too many problems, and I sure don`t need `em
As I fall to my knees and I begs for my freedom
Listen for my name, so I can get chain
I`m headed for court but this time I feel strange
With my eyes on the gate, with handcuffs on my wrist
I`m tryna find a way out, to hoppin the fence
5 o`clock, they might shock, to leave these shackles on my feet
I feel the heat it`s gettin deep, both eyes open when I`m asleep
The big situation got me stuck in a drought
I`ve been squabblin everyday so my time didn`t count
The major deal is that my brother told me, @Take no shit@

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