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"Common - 1 2 many "

One wa-wa one, one two, one two
One wa-wa one, one two, one two
One tigga one, one two, one two
Dug Inf on production, my man
Com for the discussion, check it

One day, I was tryin` to be myself
The same day this thug say, @You gotta come hard@
Nigga, times is hard, I`m tryin` hard to make it
It ain`t hard to tell, it`s hard for me to fake it

Plus, it`s hard to be me, it`s hard to stop drinkin`
I guess it`s hard for you hard niggaz to start thinkin`
Pussy MCs stinkin` so I can`t get hard
Some, become MCs `cause it`s hard to get a job

Hard for you to trust people, you don`t trust in God
Even harder to be the Gods we created to be
This Western way of life ain`t native to me
Put one nigga in your Pulp Fiction that related to me

I hate it that we, the only race that call our women hoes
Niggaz, be too hard to say, @Ho@ at the shows
I rose like a florist to bring the flavor like a Taurus
Might not have the murderous verse, but I stay hard to the chorus

Took this girl to work, she say I ain`t have a real job
Like that dick you had last night, baby, I work real hard
Simple motherfuckers tellin` me hard is criminal

Niggaz you thought was hard, you pourin` out your liquor for
Years ago, I thought I was hard, in high school fightin`
Now, I`m the hardest man working in show business
Handle your business or shut the fuck up

It`s just one two many niggaz got cars and no land
One two many niggaz with cash and no plan
One two many niggaz that`s tryin` to MC
That`s one two many niggaz comin` up to me

That`s one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
That`s one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
One, two

Forever, I ain`t gon` be rappin`
Shit`ll happen to me, I gotta let niggaz know
This mark asked me do I know his cousin Jimbo
Nigga, I don`t even know myself

You want me to get you in
Jack, I`m trying to get through the do` myself
Opportunity knocked, but he ain`t call `fore he came
Yeah, I got a name, but only twenty dollars to it

Next album you gon` blow, up my ass, you done blew it before
Being in my video, what`s that gonna do for your life?
Get you some pussy? You should be gettin rump off GP
Quit that you look like you say I seen you on TV

I be readin` niggaz but readin` be makin` me sleepy
So strong am I, A Hundred Styles and Runnin`
Niggaz stuck on one and them-a ran by
Claimin` they fly but they stand by

I come truer than a dream, and youse a damn lie
With that anti-rap, complainin` about this and about that
Sounding bitch like, that ain`t gonna make a nigga get right
I`m number one

One two many niggaz tryin` to tell me bout they theory
One two many niggaz that ain`t tryin` to hear me
One two many niggaz doin` shows that don`t happen
One two many niggaz life depend on rappin`

That`s one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
That`s one two many niggaz
Just one two many niggaz
One, two

One two many niggaz can`t find they niche
One two many niggaz wanna be my bitch

Nigga, one two many niggaz
Nigga, one two many niggaz
Nigga, one two many niggaz

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