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Sorry boys
But all the money in the world can`t bring me back again
Lay down, lay down
Gonna stretch my mic out in Ponce funeral home on Marcy
All those new niggaz stop there
But a lot later than a whole gang of people thought
The last of the real hustlers, well maybe not the last
Bleek`s gonna be a good rapper, new, improved Jay-Z

I quit, I`m retirin`
Ain`t enough money in this game, to keep me around
Sorry big, I tried honest
Can`t go with me on this ride though
I`m callin` the shots, the bar`s closin`
Where we goin` to for breakfast?
Roc a Fella y`all
Okay, I`m reloaded

Bringin` the drama, tryin` to come up in the game
Had a couple of dollar signs to my name
Roc a Fella y`all
One of the best
Waitin` for my day to come
Just give me the word

Nah, this ain`t Jigga, it`s your lil` nigga Bleek
Reportin` to these motherfuckers live from the street
Game I peeped those, my mind so advanced
At nine I used to geese hoes for Easter clothes

Peep the steez, I represent for all those with twenty eight grams
On a come up, tryin` to creep the keys
Large niggaz told me park the car, keep the keys
Find a hoodrat and creep to Mickey D`s

First gun two bullets, niggaz know I do pull it
Niggaz tryin` to kill me dog, who wouldn`t?
Screw Gooden, I pitch in the PJ`s
Lit off the EJ, I split Dutchies with my ring finger

You find a bitch that don`t be cream, bring her
Last seen with Bing, he got dropped between us
Shit is constant, that`s why I pack the Johnson and Johnson
For the nonsense who wants it?

I go to sleep with a picture of a Porsche on my wall
Man I`m tryin` to come up on y`all
Get one up on y`all, that`s why I hustle in these streets
From sundown to sunup on y`all

Mama said, @Keep bullshittin`, they`ll kill you dead@
One week of this hustlin` brought a livin` room set
Went to Tom D`s, niggaz mad, veins out
Copped the Jordans, two weeks before they came out

Flashy, fly little nigga
Nosy bitch from the third floor like, @Why little nigga?@
Bitch please, twist the trees, took a long pull, like bitch to breathe
That`s my answer, life`s like cancer and I`m serious

Waitin` for my day to come
Just give me the word

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