The roots - The unlocking

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Оригинален текст

* phone dialed and rings *

[1] He-LLO?
[2] Yo who dis?
[1] Yo this [edited]
[2] Yo whattup man?
[1] Yo whassup dude?
[2] This is the Black Ill
[1] Oh whassup G?
[2] Y`know, yo
[1] What?
[2] We down in the studio yo
[1] Word?
[2] Yo we got a jawn
[1] Yo, is she live?
[2] Yeah she`s live
[1] Sup wit her?
[2] She`s just, real nice to talk
Sometimes I used to knock off
[1] Word how she be swingin?
[2] Oh yeah she`s swingin like that y`know it`s on!
[1] Oh WORD?
[2] I called a couple other heads and shit y`know
[1] Aight, who else who else - who else widdit?
[2] *laughing*
[1] I mean she widdit LIKE THAT?
[2] Yeah you know!
[1] Ain`t no bullshit?
[2] The whole Resevoir Dog squad n shit, we gon` be eight deep
[1] Oh aight, word
[2] So come on down, it`s on yo
[1] Aiyyo it`s it`s it`s just us?
[2] Yeah it`s just us
[1] Oh damn, whassup with some more jawns?
[2] Oh yes.. it`s just her and some weed y`knowmsayin?
Fuck some other shit
[1] Fukkit, aight, bet, what the..
Y`know whassup for real for real
[2] Word, yo so come through
[1] Aight what time yo?
[2] Umm
[1] Like NOW?
[2] Yeah, come through now!
[1] Peace
[2] Peace!

[Ursula Rucker]
I the voyeur, peer, as she begins her, ritual
Paying sexual ties for few and untrue
Words of admiration, translation0
sucker ass, lines, of trash
Spewing from First One`s unskilled lips
That beg for pussy tricks that make his dick go quickly limp
She pimps her innocence as Second One demands entrance
through the back door..
@Bend over bitch, you know this is what you were born for;
to dig those soft and lotioned knees into the floor --
and take it in, that sweetly spread ass like a real pro whore@
Her subsequent screams seemed to praise
Sent messages of pleasure and pain to his fuck tainted brain
But her screams masked laughs at his dumb ass
As he quicker comes, then Third and Fourth One just as dumb
Invite themselves to join in
Third One wants to hit the skins old-fashioned style
while Fourth One says,

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