Mobb deep - Give it up fast

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Got out the airport, the Mobb pick me up in the truck
Jury junkie like fuck, I ain`t scared to get stuck
So what`s the deal poppy? You heard the feds almost got me
I had the Cuban posse all up in my room and lobby

Negotiating like an Illuminati network
Don`t catch a body experts and retrospect till the foul connect
When I lost but back then was my fault
Now it`s time to floss

Eye for an eye what`s mine is yours
I need a suite with the flowers
Complementary at Trump Towers
Sit at the table we can build for hours

On gettin` riches, a cinch, take a glimpse
The World Is Yours written all over the blimps
Here`s a toast to my foes, it`s like a whole new beginning
From [unverified] and prima, loads of women rockin` linen

I got a plan to blow the Hiroshima, Japan
Movin` niggas out tha hood and just divide `em with fam
Ay yo, the bitches like G Money said to us, man
About the dick like the horse with the cowboy brand

Give it up fast, quick and not slow
Not goin` to the tables if it`s not about dough
Son you know Mobb Deep is runnin` this shit
QBC, nigga grab your click

Yeah son, I`m feelin` it, opposition want me dead, concealin` shit
Four gats got me livin`, kid, rushin` through my pyramid
You secondary, go against the grain then you adversary
Had to bury niggas on my side, that snitch

Ran his mouth like a bitch, now he`s layin` in a ditch
Daily dug for himself on his grave I had to piss
Scud missile never miss you
Hit you, scratch you off, we left Jim Star rip through

You metal deeper, you ain`t havin` it me either
It`s drama, ain`t got time for no breathers
Rapper Noyd make these niggas into believers

Huh, huh
Hey Noyd, what up this cat right here, man
Word up

The tough guy strong me, I guess he got plans to ruin me
He want ta do me slowly but surely I beat his fast ass a bit early
Grabbed the biased raid, the shit was curly
Put the drome to his dome let him know it`s never early

You can slide before I snatch the heat from his side
Saw the devil in disguise by the look in his eyes
He was surprised I snatched him up regulated his gat
And backed him up, stepped to the side, P blast em up

Hey yo, cannons are rough, you got strucked up, ya strokes slit
So rapper nigga playin` thug try to pro shit
(Yo, kill that nigga, man)
All I remember was I shot for his throat G
You see big guns and 3-D is haunting

It gets deep, fuckin` with these Chinese
Thai weed burnin` my hip from hot gats
Burnin` my lips from roach clips
Catch me on 40th and Bootlegger in the a.m.

These `R-tape meridian` cats, insomniacs
Four in the mornin` we throwin` back some Cognac juice
Lettin` gats loose in the blue van blitz through
These kids too couldn`t find the pistol

Ay yo, I got the Lexus, holdin` my necklace
I`m bent off some next shit, gasoline wick, a kerosene twist
Stumblin`, place of my gun right, it`s slipped down its caliber
Lookin` for chicks that he can stab now

Numbed up for my fiery cup, I held juice of sin`s nectar
Saints found they youth
Mega-action, bitches all around ready to fuck
Big asses, you bought all the shit, pressin` ya luck

My pipe games like a night train top speed through ya warm piece
[Unverified] to say the least

Give up the pussy fast, quick and not slow
Not goin` to the cell if it ain`t a freak show
Said you know Mobb Deep is plannin` this shit
QBC, niggas grab their click

Give it up fast, quick and not slow
Not goin` to the tables if it`s not about dough
Son you know Mobb Deep is runnin` this shit
QBC, nigga grab your click

(And that`s how it go)
And that`s it nigga
(If it ain`t a freak show)
It ain`t a freak show

Ya know what I`m sayin`?
(Don`t give up, don`t give up, don`t give up)
Don`t go
(You know the deal)
Rapper Noyd, rapper P, Nas, Havoc to the exit

Niggas we out, what up
(The Infamous)
It`s over baby
(Fuck 9-6 to 9-7)
Tell the rest of the crew

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