Wu-tang clan - Shame on a nigga

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Yo, this the O.D.B.
New radio version for ya called `Shame On A Nuh`
So everybody, a jump on it

Shame on a nuh who try to run game on a nuh
Wu buck wild with the trigger
Shame on a nuh who try to run game on a nuh
Wu buck, uhh, uhh, uhh

Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut
Ol` Dirty Bast, cut
Styles unbreakable, shatterproof
To the young youth, ya wanna get gun? Shoot

Blaow, how you like me now? Don`t front the style
Ruthless wild
Do ya wanna getcha teeth knocked on out?
Brother, get on it like that, then shout

Yo, RZA, yo, razor, hit me with the Major
The damage, my clan, understand, it be flavor
Gunning, humming, coming atcha
First I`m gonna getcha, once I gotcha, I gatcha

You could never capture the Method Man`s stature
For rhyme and for rapture, got niggaz resigning
Now master my style? Never

I put the buck in the wild kid, I`m terror
Razor sharp, I sever the head from the shoulders
I`m better than my compeda
You mean competitor, whadeva, let`s get together

(Shame on a nuh who try to run game on a nuh)
(Wu come wild with the tri blaow)

I react so thick, I`m phat and yo
Rae came blowing and blew off ya headphones
Black, rap from yo, Cali to Texas
Smoother than a Lexus, now`s my turn to wreck this

Brothers approach and half step but ain`t heard
Half of it yet and I bet you`re not a what? Vet?
So when you see me on the real, forming like Voltron
Remember I got deep like a Navy Seal

(Shame on a nuh who try to run game on a nuh)
(Wu buck wild with the trigger)
(Shame on a nuh who try to run game on a nuh)
(I`ll said get out)

Yo, I come with that ol` loco
Style from my vocal
Couldn`t peep it with a pair of bifocals
I`m no joker, play me as a joke
I be on you like a house on fire, smoke ya

Crews be acting like they gangs, anyway
Be like, @Warriors, come out and play@
Hurry, I getting it on, I let it out like diarrhea
Got burnt once but that was only gonorrhea

Dirty, I keeps the `nuff stains my drawers
So I can get Fizzy funky for yuh
Murder, takes the fame of the Wu-Tang, rahh
Here comes the Tiger verse Crane

Ow, be like wild with my style
Punk, you playing me, chump? You get dumped
Wu is coming through at a theater near you
And get funk like a shoe, what?

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