Faithless - I want more

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Hey friend your misery bewilders me
How come you`re never satisfied or gratified
Four walls and a roof, electricity, stable mind, wife and child
Hot and cold water to run anytime but still you whine

I want more

A bum could rummage through ya bin
And live like a king on just one crumb of ya cake
And ya say ya life needs fulfilling
Some would give anything to live like you

Shame your mind, don`t shine like your possessions do
Whining, complaining all the time don`t see no rain on you
What side your bread is buttered on
If only you knew

What do ya mean
I want more

I was told as a child
I want more never gets
Learned to count my blessings
Long before I saw an abacus

So what ya family don`t speak
At least they`re alive
Show me a man without guilt
Or a soul that ain`t lied

You don`t know what ya got
Open your eyes, look around
Really, hear me you
Ain`t got no reason to be down

What do ya mean
I want more

Friend what is it that you seek
What is it that you try to find
Someday I hope you realized
It shined in you all the time

Hills to climb, sights to see, seas to cross
Friends to make, hands to shake, the world is yours
Foods to taste, sounds to hear, love to feel
Seeds to sew, things to know, fish to reel
Space to quiz, stones to lift, life`s a gift

What do ya mean
I want more

What do ya mean
I want more

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