Ne-yo - How i do

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We back at it baby
its loso in case you ain`t know so
that boy Ne-yo
Chill out shorty we do this

You see i met her at a party the album release
I told her i switch dates like the album release
and when it come to the style im a beast
swagga is crazy
I should be in a asylum at least
& uhm I`m a gentleman I open the doors
so i`m opin in more than Oprah at 4
I does my thing and i hope you do yours
Cuz my shit is so dope
you wont cope with withdrawal?
They like nope we want more
Shorty i could sell it like i tell it
i should open a store
But i don`t do the drama
really think ima come blow it up like a suicide bomba
might give you a wink
might send you a drink
Could be nothing
It might be what you think
And either way it play im still loso
had to give it to you baby
in case you didn`t know so


Ive got a few different women
Told you from the beginning
Girl don`t act brand new
I tried to be honest said if so tell me why you trippin
you know how i do
why you callin screamin bout some place that i was seen in with somebody else
you really need to get a hold of yourself girl
If you`re asking me if i was out with a little sexy thing in a tight red dress
well if you must know the answers yes
riddle me this
When we started chillin
didn`t i say that i aint willin to be your boyfriend
Take it or leave
riddle me that
If i kept it real & you said you wanted me still
So why the hell are you screamin at me
About the fact that

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