Lil Wayne - need some quiet

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Mama you wine fine
Mama you... mama you..
Mama... mama you wine fine
We need some quiet time [x3]
Mama you wine fine
Mama you wine fine
And on the hush hush, we need some quiet time

[Lil Wayne]
I get, I get
I, I, I get so deep in that pussy, I touch the back of your soul
You gotta man, I bet I can make you pack up and roll
Yea, let`s ride like we attached to the road
And if we on the same track, I hope we crash and explode
Yea, where do the passionate go
I beat it up forever, girl I`ll take a national oath
Nobody know what goes on the latch on the door
And if you throw it to me baby, I will catch it and score
Yea, yea
I beat that, I be right when she call me, she got that shit I just can`t avoid
She so addictive and she know that I do anything that she tell me
I am her personal sex toy
And then, I pop the bottle of that cris
I had a glass, she had a glass, I had a glass, she had a glass, again
Ya know, then she was ready got to it
One time, two times, hit me up and I take that ass again
And I told her


[Lil Wayne]
I see ya walkin like the cameras on ya, I love ya backshots
I`m like a crackhead, and you got your crack out
See, we got chemistry baby, we like cat and mouse
You blow my brains out, I blow ya back out
Now what is that about
You got me sweatin you so hard, I`m bout to pass out
And we could do it on the beach, in the grass house

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