Eminem - Dr.West

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"Morning, Marshall."
"Morning, doc."
"So we`re discharging you today, how are you feeling?"
"Well, anxious to get home, anxious to get back into the world. Nervous."
"Nervous? C`mon, Marshall, you`re a big boy now. Sounding like a bit of a baby, you can do this. You found a sponsor yet?"
"Um, not yet. I mean, but when I get back"
"Well, if you find one, you find one. If you don`t, you don`t."
"Well, yeah, I mean I godda start going to meetings first and... Wait, what?"
"Well, you don`t absolutely have to go to meetings and it`s not like like a requirement that they fit into your shedule, we know you`re a busy person."
"But I thought variety was the most important thing?"
"So what else are you thinking?"
"Um, well, I know I godda start practising the steps, and I mean learning them, and start being able to apply them."
"Yeah, steps."
"There`s a lot of them, aren`t there?
"Well, twelve."
"Christ, I don`t even know them all."
"Anything else?"
"Um, well, I mean the only other question I have was like, what do I do if I find myself in a situation where maybe somebody is drinking around me or something like that and I get tempted to?"
"Take a drink."
"Take a drink and y`know, take the edge off."
"Take the edge off? Man, if I ever take a drink I already know what that`s gonna lead me to."
"What, you mean these?" *shakes pills*
"Man, what the fuck!?"
"Marhsall, what`s the matter, darling? Having some doubts already? Marshall, you can`t leave me, you`ll never leave me, Marshall. We`ll always be together, Marshall. Marshall...? Marshall!?
"No, no, no, no, NO!"

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