Selah Sue - I Truly Loved Ya - ТЕКСТ

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" Selah Sue - I Truly Loved Ya "

i truly loved ya
i saw the tears in your eyes and still
i did adore ya
for the ways you filled me in
and after that
i truly lived ya
in the past i do
and then you came in
and you would say we would sees the day
and that all worries, all worries fade away and
we would meet some guys.. with the best hairstyles..
we would have the time of our lives
we were young we were never apart true soul mate hearts
we were having fun but it was more than that
you could read my mind
i truly called ya
every day for eight years
and then i told ya every little mental fear
and after that i died a bit
cause those were the days the joy of my life
remember that and now we are older,
but i will never forget,
how could that do that ? (x3)

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