Usher - Last to know

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Добавено от: Salvatore на 17 Август 2015г.
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Оригинален текст

Lately I have been questioning and
What we have is loss yeah
I heard it in your voice
That we were fighting
Tell me where it`s gone

Girl I thought that we could talk about whatever
Any problems that we had, we always worked it together
Did I say or is this something I`ve done wrong
Maybe I should know, but I don`t
Still I wanna make it better

If something hurting you then girl let me know
If it`s me than baby tell me
You don`t have to ignore
You don`t want this anymore
Just don`t let me be the last to know

Honestly you got me torn (and im so confused)
Cause now a days you got a new attitude
And you, barely answer my calls (but when I finally get through)
You rush of the line, like I don`t matter to you
Was there something I said, girl what did I do? (What have I done?)

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